Stray Cats I’ve Helped

Between 1990-2005 I helped to rescue, foster and adopt out many stray cats over the years. My ex-wife Suzanne helped too. Stray cats liked our backyard. I’ve been pretty good about taking pictures of each of them for fun. Here they are.

On a serious note, I offer names, addresses and web sites of some of the good people helping to save our animal friends from the cruel elements. Please patronize them.
“Ruby” Girl Kitty She went to the Humane Society Photo: August 31, 1993
Cousin Kitty (aka Scruffy) He went to an Animal Relief Fund foster home. Photo: May 5, 1994
Spike Kitty On 2710 north boardwalk. Photo: ca September 1994
Perry Kitty BEFORE He has a paralyzed front leg. He’s with Dr. Fleming before it’s amputated. Photo: October 4, 1994
Perry Kitty AFTER At the Plymouth Heights Pet Hospital Photo: October 15, 1994
Billy Kitty At a Pet Haven Adoption Day He got adopted January 15, 1995 Photo: January 7, 1995
Spike Kitty He has no fangs. He got adopted. Photo: January 30, 1995
Betty Poof Kitty As found under the carport. She’s a Flame-Point Himalayan Kitty. She’s pregnant by Chester the neighborhood tom cat. Photo: March 17, 1995
Betty Poof Kitty Betty with her two girl kittens by Chester. She’s in her foster home. Photo: ca. June 1995
Miles Kitty aka Marble Kitty Backyard deck Photo: July 11, 1995
Kitty-X aka Ghost Kitty Came to the backyard to die. Photo: September 5, 1995
Dave and Steve Kitty Backyard Photo: October 8, 1995
Chester” the molester” Kitty Father of Betty Poof Kitty’s two girls. He’s on top of the 1954 NASH Metropolitan Photo: ca. October 1995
Leaping Matt Cat aka Matt Vader Kitty Backyard Photo: February 18, 1996
Bob Cat aka Moo Kitty He always had a lot to say. He got adopted by a vet tech. Photo: March 8, 1999
Slinky Kitty In the basement. She went to the Animal ARK in Hastings. Photo: April 5, 1996
Matt the Cat In the parlor before going to his new home on 1st Avenue South. Photo: April 9, 1996
Jimmy Kitty In the backyard. Photo: ca June 12, 2000
Carl Kitty aka Carlos Kitty In the backyard. One CUTE kitten. Photo: August 9, 2000
Skeezer Kitty aka Moe aka Molly In the backyard. Photo: August 18, 2000
Skeezer Kitty with his Uncle Forrest Forrest helped foster him for a while. Photo: January 15, 2001
Spot and Zane Kitty Zane is a neighborhood tomcat. Photo: April 14, 2001
Diamond Kitty Rescued from next door. She’s already had two litters! Photo: September 8, 2001
Leo Kitty In the backyard. He went to Last Hope in Farmington. Photo: November 9, 2001
Moe Kitty What a talking kitty. He went to Last Hope in Farmington. Photo: December 8, 2001
The cat carrier box that Moe Kitty broke out of in the car, on the way to Last Hope in Farmington. 2710 front porch Minneapolis, Minnesota Photo: ca. March 16, 2002
Miss Kitty She was living in the church on E 15th ST. We caught her and took her in. Unfortunately, she was FIV positive. Photo: May 31, 2002
“Friendly” Kitty A neighborhood cat from E 15th ST. Photo: July 11, 2002
Goldie Kitty aka Scarlett She’s pregnant with six kittens. She went to Last Hope in Farmington. Photo: January 28, 2003
Stray black & white girl kitty She went to Last Hope in Farmington. Photo: January 28, 2003
Big Daddy Kitty Probable father of Goldie’s six kittens Photo: February 10, 2003
Silver Kitty aka Sweetie Kitty She went to Last Hope in Farmington. Photo: ca June 13, 2003
Mama Kitty aka Ruth aka Ebony Rose And her boys: Hairy Larry, Curley Grey and Naughty Bob They went to Last Hope in Farmington. Photo: June 26, 2003
Rocky Kitty BEFORE (1 week) Attic Intensive Care Unit He came in from the cold & rain October 15, 2004 in the nick of time. Photo: October 22, 2004 (Rocky stayed)
Frankie Kitty At the vet. He had a paralyzed rear-end. He had to be put down. Very sad. He was a swell cat. Photo: October 23, 2004
Inky Kitty He loved to leap and to chase string. He went to Last Hope in Farmington. Photo: ca. September 21, 2005
Rocky Kitty AFTER (8 weeks) Attic Intensive Care Unit What BIG eyes he has. Photo: December 11, 2004 (Rocky stayed)
Rocky Kitty ALL HEALED UP Minneapolis, Minnesota Is he cute or what? Photo: April 1, 2005 (Rocky stayed)